Spring Cleaning to Sell

Spring Cleaning to Sell

Happy Spring! We’re in that transitional time of year again when the sun is starting to hang out a little while longer, flowers are beginning to bloom, and Arkansas weather is becoming extra confusing! We’ll bear the cool mornings for the warmer afternoons, though. Spring is also the season when most of us begin to look at the clutter we let accumulate in the winter months and wonder, “How did all of this stuff get here?” While you’re reorganizing, you may also be more inclined to clean and sanitize spaces around your home. If you’re considering listing your home, now is a great time to do so, but your space may require a little extra TLC to prepare for potential buyers to enter it. Here are a few tips for tidying up before you sell!

Although it is important to make sure all surface areas are clean inside the home, there are some places you may not think of that need your attention as well. Take a bottle of streak free cleaner to all mirrors and windows, and don’t forget those door handles either. Baseboards and fans need regular dusting but give these areas a little extra shine by using a multipurpose spray to remove any marks or stains. Wipe down all cabinets, both inside and out, for any viewers taking a closer look. Launder all window drapery to both disinfect and help with lingering odors. If you have pets, make sure any spaces they are present are cleaned accordingly. Wash their bedding and any blankets they may lay on, wipe down crates, and neaten up feeding stations. This will also help immensely with any pet related odors. Lastly, don’t’ forget to show some attention to the floor! Scrubbing grout can drastically improve the look of a tiled space, and a hardwood polish adds a sparkling touch.

Beyond sanitization, organization can also make a big impact on a potential buyer’s assessment of your home. Remove clutter from countertops in kitchens, bedrooms, and other bar top areas to show off the entire usable space. Consolidate any boxes or general clutter to a place that isn’t a highlight of the home, such as an attic. If you have an office space or bonus room that may be a selling point, make sure it is tidy and viewers can take in the full size of the room. This may also include the garage, which can be a place where clutter gathers, but could also be a point of interest for some buyers. Make sure you display as much of this space as possible as well as others within the home.

Let’s head outdoors and talk about the exterior! A sometimes forgotten piece of your home is the yard and although it’s not technically a room, it is still an impressionable part of your listing that buyers will take notice of. Whether you have a small or abundant outdoor space, make sure it is free of any debris or loose items that may distract from its overall appearance. A fresh mow before a weekend of showings is always a nice touch. This leaves the impression of a well kept home, even before entering the indoor space. A little landscaping work can also go a long way. Snipping over grown bushes, pulling weeds and adding a few bright colored flowers can drastically improve curb appeal. If you have the capabilities, a power wash of the driveway, sidewalks, patios and siding can do wonders to an area that may have collected a little grime overtime. Before a showing or open house, you may want to move vehicles away from the driveway so an onlooker can get a full picture of the home’s outward appearance. Remember, a great looking exterior reflects on a buyer’s overall opinion of the home.

If you’re selling your home this spring, take note of these helpful tips to set your listing apart from the competition. Not sure where to start with the listing process? Give us a call in Fayetteville at 479-521-6611 or in Rogers at 479-636-2200 to connect with an agent who can help!

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