Don Myers

Don Myers

Sales Associate

Don Myers is a residential realtor with Lindsey & Associates. As a result of several successful prior careers in business & government he brings years of high level business & personal experience to the table. A CPA licensed in three states, he considers that his pinnacle career accomplishments, thus far, include a tour of duty with the United States Army as a commissioned officer; serving as an officer, treasurer and board member of a fortune 200 company; consultant/advisor/state lobbyist for Arkansas' 500 municipalities; and Vice President- Controller of the Utility owner of the infamous Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant (overseeing the financial controls during the multi-year clean up after the 1979 meltdown accident). His experience in these work situations coupled with his experience, to date, of buying and selling 15 homes for his own family, as he moves through his careers, have developed and fine-tuned his negotiation, communication and customer service ideas and capabilities. Don is prepared to provide a high level of business oriented "personal" service to clients moving into, out of, or within Northwest Arkansas. Having personally moved his family often and by large distances into unfamiliar settings, interacting with relocation companies, addressing concerns related to children's schools, seeking new family social opportunities and coping with the general unfamiliarity with the culture of new areas, he believes he has the knowledge and sensitivity to make a profound difference for relocating families above and beyond just assisting them in finding an acceptable house. He is committed to making each client's move and assimilation into the area as smooth and trouble free as possible by anticipating needs and offering tried and proven solutions to problems that are sure to arise in moving situations. He believes his business and personal experiences will make him an invaluable TRUSTED ADVISOR to individuals moving into, out of, or within Northwest Arkansas. Don is an avid reader, typical weekend golfer and loyal Razorback fan. Don loves the real estate business since it allows him to get out of the office and meet and assist new clients/future friends in achieving their moving and relocation goals.

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